Occupational Therapist Speaks about Yoga

quoteadhd1As a follow-up to the Yoga for Children with ADHD, Autism training, students write about their experience working with the Radiant Child Yoga method. What follows is from Eve M, an Occupational Therapist and Radiant Child Yoga teacher:

“I have been using both the meditative aspects of Kundalini Yoga as well as the asanas at home after work.  I have found simple sequences incorporating weight bearing postures using downward dog, plank, cat and cow to be most helpful in regaining my state of grounded-ness.

 My children have observed my breathing and my movements, but most of all, my attentiveness (truly) to them, afterwards.  My life is typically hurried and can feel non-observant, at times.  This basic practice is allowing me more inner awareness to simply notice my life more and more.  To notice the words my youngest daughter is learning to say, to notice the humming of the refrigerator, to notice how I am feeling moment to moment.  That is the biggest gift I’m receiving from my practice.

I have also been incorporating these ideas at work, as I’m an OT in the school setting.  The question “how are you vibrating?” really is sticking with me.  It’s a question I ask myself all day, with co-workers, at meetings, and most importantly in my sessions with the children.

Just that awareness has allowed me new connections with one specific young girl with multiple challenges including hearing loss, cognitive delays, sensory integration dysfunction, and more.  She is making notable eye contact with me during our time together, whether it’s yoga, brushing, or passing her by in the hallway.  She has hugged me spontaneously, which is totally new for us.  Also, our verbal exchanges are much more relevant and functional, as she shares with me spontaneously about her home life/routines.  She had previously been using much more immature styles of communications such as noises and behaviors, rather than her words.

I cannot say enough about the change I’ve see in our relationship by putting these simple ideas into practice.  I have to say it’s more about my state of being than what I’m doing with her.  I came to the conference looking for yoga strategies to use from a motoric standpoint, but I left with so much more than that to help me be more effective with my students.

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Shakta Khalsa writes this blog, has been teaching yoga and children for over 3 decades, author of several yoga books, mother of a teenager, happily married to Kartar for over 30 years, and oh yes--founder of the Radiant Child Yoga program, a teacher training program for keeping kids joyful, aware, strong, and beautiful. It works for us adult children too...
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3 Responses to Occupational Therapist Speaks about Yoga

  1. Theresa Tovey says:

    Hi Eve, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am also a school system OT and like you have witnessed so many positive changes in my students through Radiant Child Yoga and in my relationships with them. To add to this, I have received numerous comments this year from both colleagues and even administrators that they sense a calming presence from me during stressful times / meetings. Some have even said this has helped them calm down. I suspect your colleagues are seeing the same in you. I am also doing a whole lot of chanting in my car as I travel from school to school to keep centered throughout my day. Radiant Child Yoga is truly transformative!

  2. Amelia says:

    Could you recommend some special exercises that will help with ADHD?

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